Friday, December 27, 2013

BCS English

1. My brother has no interest _ _ _ music.
(A) for
(B) in
(C) with
(D) at
Ans: b
2. I am not bad ……. tennis.
(A) in
(B) at
(C) about
(D) with
Ans: b
3. What is the synonym of the word “opprobrious”?
a. grateful
b. disgraceful
c. careful
d. houseful
Ans: b
4. No one can___that he is clever.
A. defy
B. deny
C. admire
D. denounce
Ans: b
5. SAARC energy center will be established in __
A. Bangladesh
B. India
C. Nepal
D. Pakistan
Ans: a
6. The police looked—the case.
A. about
B. at
C. after
D. into
Ans: d
7. The Arabian nights ___ still great.
a. are
b. is
c. has
d. were
Ans: b
8. It is impossible to reach perfection without__.
a. training
b. practice
c. guidance
d. education
Ans: b
9. Turn right ____ the first fork and go 500 yards up the road.
a. with
b. to
c. in
d. at
Ans: b
10. We must do something to _ the crisis.
a. avert
b. function
c. deal
d. damage
Ans: a
11. I saw her ____
a. to cry
b. cry
c. crying
d. for cry
Ans: c
12. My friend is crazy____ films.
a) with
b) on
c) about
d) at
Ans: c
13. He is totally absorbed _ the book.
a. at
b. in
c. for
d. at
Ans: b
14. It is quite unkind _ you to criticize me.
a. of
b. for
c. to
d. from
Ans: a
15. Who say’s “truth is beauty,beauty is truth.”
a) Shakespeare
b) Milton
c) John Keats
d) Socrates
Ans: c
16. Having . . . me, he has married again.
a. forget
b. forgetting
c. forgotten
d. to forget
Ans: c
17. “Abandon” means___
a. Detest
b. Abhor
c. Leave
d. None
Ans: c
18. ‘Duchess’ is feminine of___
a. Dramatist
b. Dutchman
c. Duke
d. Earl
Ans: c
19. What is the plural of “Sheep” ?
a. Sheep
b. Sheeps
c. Sheepses
d. Sheepes
Ans: a
20. ‘Doctor’ is related to ‘Stethoscope’ in the same way as ‘Painter’ is related to -
A. Painting
B. Brush
C. Exhibition
D. Art
Ans: b

21. Cats are carnivorous, but human beings are -
(A) herbivorous
(B) omnivorous
(C) farinaceous
(D) cadaverous
Ans: b
22. Usually “Excuse me” is used in order to ……….
a) Seek permission
b) Draw attention
c) Ask question
d) Get pardon
Ans: b
23. “Botany” is to plants and “Zoology” is to……….
a) Flowers
b) Trees
c) Animals
d) None of this.
Ans: c

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